12 Expensive Gifts Worth Every Penny!

It seems that we’ve officially entered holiday season overnight, and we couldn’t be more excited (especially since our Holiday Gift Guide launches tomorrow to the public)! We’ve been researching the BEST Christmas gifts for months on end, and we’ve seen it all — custom gifts, small business gifts, novelty gifts, stocking stuffers. You name it! Every year, high-end “luxury” items pop up on gift guides everywhere. But in the end, are they worth it? Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes the answer is unfortunately no. So today we wanted to share 12 expensive gifts that are truly worth it, in our opinion. These are items that we’ve either gifted or been given, or something we’ve had for years. If you’re looking to buy an extra-special gift for someone on your list this year, then look no further!

12 Expensive Gifts that Make Great Gifts

1. Dyson Hair Tools: The gold standard in hair tools, the Dyson Airwrap (and the Dyson hair dryer!) makes getting ready faster and makes it easy to get salon-worthy hair at home! Worth every penny in our opinion!

2. Barefoot Dreams: There’s nothing cozier than a Barefoot Dreams blanket, cardigan, or robe! They’re pieces you’ll lounge in or with for years, and also make the best gifts for staff, teens and in-laws!

3. UGG Slippers: UGG slippers have been around for years, and for good reason! They last forever, are so soft, and come in so many styles for men and women. This is a gift someone will enjoy for years to come!

4. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap: This best-selling scarf doubles as a blanket or chic evening wrap. And the cashmere is divinely soft, too. It comes in several colors and great for the traveler!

5. Away Luggage: From carry-ons to anywhere bags to larger luggage pieces, these are a must for modern travelers. And the carry-on bag is a nice addition I’d like to have!

6. Lake Robes and Pajamas: Lake’s classic pajamas and robes are a DoSayGive reader favorite for the timeless colors and stripes, as well as the high-quality cotton. A must for lounging!

7.Mason Pearson Hairbrush: Each brush is made by hand using Mr. Pearson’s original techniques from the 1800s. They are ridiculously expensive but will last you 30 years. You can see which type is good for your hair but I recommend if you are splurging get the full-bristle bush. 

8. Dudley Stephens Turtlenecks: These have been a DoSayGive favorite for years! So many colors to choose from. I wear with shorts, leggings, jeans and everything in between. There are two weights – the vello is more like traditional fleece and the terry is a lighter weight. They have different lengths as well! 

9. Vitamix Blender: Definitely an investment, but this blender will change your life and the way you cook! Great for smoothies, soups, and purees — and just about anything else! 

10. Simplehuman Mirrors: Our favorite makeup mirror, simplehuman mirrors (both full size and travel size) give you the best in clarity and detail. Once you start using it you will wonder how you lived without it before! A great gift for mothers and mothers-in-law.

11. Moccamaster Coffee Maker: This luxurious, high-end coffee maker is like having a barista in your very own home. Handmade in the Netherlands, these coffee makers make a perfect cup in just six minutes!

12. Nugget Ice Maker: Last but not least, the infamous nugget ice machine on Prime! This is one of my favorite purchases ever! Best part? It’s on sale now! My girls absolutely love it, too, and fill their water bottles up each morning before school with this ice! Totally worth the splurge.

What expensive gifts have been worth their price? Tell us in the comments below!

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