Trendy TikTok Gifts That’ll Make You Look Twice

Photo: CrunchCup Trendy gifts may come and go, but our friends on TikTok are always in the know! Take a scroll through these TikTok Finds for some Wishlist inspo. Psst: Creating your own Elfster Wishlist is a fun, free and stress-free way to let everyone know what you really want for birthdays or any gifting […]

10 Best Passover Hostess Gift Ideas

23 Mar 10 Best Passover Hostess Gift Ideas Posted at 14:08h in Gift Guides by Alida Nugent The holiday of Passover (or Pesach) commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt more than three millennia ago. Passover lasts for either seven or eight days, depending on which denomination of Judaism is observing the holiday. This year, it […]

Best Birthday Gifts for Aries

16 Mar Best Birthday Gifts for Aries Posted at 08:29h in Gift Guides by Hanna Marcus Fiery. Passionate. High energy. If you’ve got an Aries in your life, then you will agree that these words describe them to a T. Aries, according to Lisa Stardust, a New York City-based astrologist and best-selling author, are also known […]

Our Favorite Classic Board Books!

One of our go-to gifts for children of all ages is a classic book, and we’ve heard from so many moms that it can be overwhelming when faced with all of the options at a book store or library. Where do you start, and how do you know you’re choosing the “right” one? If you’ve […]

9 Eid Gifts That Will Make Your Heart Smile

Whether you are giving or receiving, our Eid Gift Guide has perfect picks for everyone you know. A few of our favorite Eid gifts are featured below. Give them as a meaningful gift or add ‘em to your Elfster Wishlist for Eid to share with friends and family for a Secret Eid Gift Exchange so […]

What to Send for a Cremation Service

09 Mar What to Send for a Cremation Service Posted at 08:03h in Gift Guides by Malinda Meadows As recently as a decade ago, Americans preferred traditional burials of their loved ones over cremation. But in 2015, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, the rate of cremation surpassed that of burial for the first time, […]

Printable Shamrock Templates

Last updated: February 28, 2023 Are you looking for a free printable shamrock template for St Patrick’s Day crafting? On this page you’ll find a fantastic range of shamrock shapes for all your St Patrick’s activities and celebrations. These plain 3-leaf and 4-leaf shamrock outlines come in a range of sizes, so there’s bound to […]