5 Ways to Ensure You’re Thoughtful throughout the Year

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions, and many of us have personal goals to achieve in 2023 — whether they be fitness related, traveling more, reading more books, or any number of other things that we hope to achieve or attain. Those are all wonderful! Here’s an idea: What if we focused on the smaller things? What if, instead of focusing on a goal we could physically achieve or pursue, we focused on simple tasks that are easily forgotten in the busy-ness that is our daily lives? 

Being thoughtful and gracious may not seem like a goal we need to achieve — but instead of adding it to our ever-growing list of things to do throughout the year, what if we just thought about five simple ways to be a better friend and neighbor? Things we can do now to allow us to be thoughtful throughout the year.

Today we’re sharing five simple things you can do now that will set you up to be thoughtful, intentional, and gracious throughout the year. Simple tasks and organizational tips that will encourage you throughout the year!

1. Put important dates on your calendar, including celebratory occasions and difficult anniversaries.

Remembering anniversaries and birthdays is a thoughtful gesture that’s easy to pull off by simply adding the dates to your calendar. But you know what’s even more thoughtful? Remembering the hard days of our friends. The anniversary of a death of a parent or spouse, for example. As you double check your calendar today, make sure you have both celebratory and difficult occasions on there. A call, card, text, or flowers on those days means so much. 

2. Stock up on greeting cards and stamps.

Gather existing cards and stamps you have on hand or replenish your stash so you can be ready to send a birthday, sympathy, or congratulations card at a moment’s notice. Did you know you get stamps on Amazon Prime? As well as our Tiny Expressions greeting card set which you can get right now for $10! Download and print our Guide to Thoughtful Note Writing here and keep with your supplies so that you always know what to write and have a kind phrase to include. 

3. Replenish existing gift-wrapping supplies.

Any holes? Purchase missing essentials like all-occasion gift wrap, tape, and ribbon. Beautiful wrapping adds another layer of thoughtfulness to a gift, and it’s much easier to do when we’re prepared. After the holidays, you might find that you’re in need of a few items — so be sure to add those to your grocery or Target list. And don’t miss our Gift Wrapping Guide where we share our favorite sources for all things gift wrap!

4. Stock your car with “thoughtful” supplies.

Whether dropping off dinner to a new mom, writing a thank you note in the carpool line, or mailing a birthday gift to a friend, we’ve found it helpful to always have a few simple items in your car. See our list below — you can keep them in a clear zip bag in your console, or a Ziploc works just fine, too!

DoSayGive’s Car Checklist:

To make it easy we linked everything here! 

5. Replenish family members’ stationery.

A handwritten note is impactful in both personal and business relationships. To take a little time out of your day to remember someone else — and think of something nice to say! — is a habit that’s worth starting or restarting in the new year. Now is a great time to replenish family members’ stationery. Even better? Try a new style! Joy Creative Shop is one of our go-to sources for personalized stationery for the whole family, and DoSayGive readers get 10% off with the code DSG10! 

What thoughtful tips would you add?