Classic Children’s Books for Fall

I like to display seasonal children’s books in my den and throughout my house throughout the year — I find that it makes picking up a book and reading with my children easier and more natural. So today I’ve pulled together my favorite classic children’s picture books about fall.

If you go to go a chain bookstore, you’ll notice the center seasonal table is often filled with new books, including many (what I call) “filler” books. Nothing is particularly wrong with these but I don’t want my children to miss some of the sweet classic books, including the really good stories that have stood the test of time. Many of my favorite classic fall books have beautiful illustrations about this glorious season that you can discuss and enjoy with your little ones!

Books make the best gifts, and we have a post that features the cutest farm-themed gift basket — and any of these books below would work perfectly! We love getting creative with gifting books and farm toys. We also have fall-themed book lists and activity guides for toddlers and preschoolers. Purchase, download, and the print off to include with your gift basket or endless fall fun!

Whether you take this list to the bookstore, library, or order on Amazon, I hope you find a special book to read this season. And make sure to remember this list for any fall birthdays you have coming up!

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