Classic Christmas Books for Children

It’s an annual tradition on DoSayGive to share my favorite classic Christmas books for children. Classic books make such meaningful gifts. Give a Christmas book to a niece, godchild, or family friend every year and they will eventually have a nice collection to enjoy each season. We have an entire guide in our Holiday Gift Guide devoted to these precious books. Don’t forget to write an inscription!

In our Christmas Book guide we’ve included our top picks for classic Christmas books for children (i.e. no pop culture cartoon character books included!). Most of these ship free 2-day with Amazon Prime, too — so if you’re looking for a meaningful, last-minute gift then one of these books would be perfect! 

We have included beautiful Nutcracker-themed books, nativity books, and even lots of books about dolls (perfect if your daughter is getting a doll for Christmas!). You will recognize some of the authors from our Classic Children’s Summer Book Club, too. So many beautiful books to add to your collection!  (Or perhaps start one for your family!) 

So many of the timeless stories will warm your heart and draw your family closer together. 

Head to our Christmas Book guide now! Be sure to check out our Children’s Gift Guides as well where we’ve included some great reads as well. 

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