Creative Ways to Use the Summer Book Club

I am always blown away by the interest in our Classic Children’s Summer Book Club and how many families are looking for a fun and enriching summer with their children. Thank you to those of you who have joined, and for anyone who has told your friends about the book club!

Today I want to highlight a few fun ways to get creative with the book club — different ways DoSayGive readers have used the book club over the years!

Do the book club with friends!

The book club is fun to do with friends or neighbors, and is an easy way to bring people together during the summertime lull. So ask a friend or friends to do it with you! Swap books or do some of the outing or activity ideas together. It’s the perfect excuse to extend an invitation to a new neighbor or friend. 

Get grandparents involved!

For grandparents that help with grandchildren during the summer the book club offers screen-free activity ideas and books they can bond over. For out-of-town grandparents, you could have a weekly story time with the book club books over FaceTime or Zoom. (This will also give you a few minutes of peace!)

Let caregivers take advantage of the activity ideas!

We have crafts, cooking ideas, sensory activities and more in our book club and the best part: they are super simple to pull together. Print out the list and stick to your bulletin board so babysitters and caregivers can have access to these enriching ideas throughout the summer. 

Fight boredom (and the screen)!

Boredom is actually a good thing in children. Good stories plant seeds for creative play (and our book suggestions will do just that!) but our list of activities can also help give your children ideas when they say they’re bored. The book club does the planning for you. Have them pick something and go with it. Older siblings can maybe even help younger siblings, too. 

Give the book club as a gift!

Want to give the book club as a gift? There’s an option to send the book club membership (and add a gift note!) at checkout. You could send a gift card to Amazon so they can grab a book or two for a truly thoughtful gift

Start a new tradition!

Even if your child doesn’t love to read just yet, most children love a good story. Slowly build up the family pastime of reading aloud by reading 5-10 minutes together a night. Your child will start to ask for more and you might find yourself reading for longer spurts! (Tip: even older children love to be read to despite what they may say!). 

You can read more about the book club in this post. Hope you’ll join us! Join now here