Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Board!

I love making memories with my girls, but I love it even more when it doesn’t involve a ton of effort. I was inspired by Joy + Oliver’s dessert board and decided to make an easy, family-friendly Valentine’s Day version. All these store-bought goodies —  Valentine’s Day cookies, candy, and yummy snacks — look so festive and fancy on a pretty platter. Perfect for an at-home Valentine’s Day celebration, play date, or just for fun! 

Valentine Snack BoardValentine Snack Board

This Valentine snack board would also be so cute for a party or a gift to drop off at a friend’s house. All you need is a pretty platter and an online order to your local supermarket. 

Things like heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies, pirouettes, brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and colorful marshmallows make this dessert board so cute! The best part? You can put your very own spin on your Valentine snack board by adding whatever your family loves. Add Hershey’s Kisses (in Valentine’s Day colors, of course!) and heart candy for an extra-fun touch!

Here are the things I used, but feel free to get creative and use what you can find.

Everything you need to create your own dessert board: 

Trader Joe’s is a great source for tasty Valentine’s Day items, too. Their chocolate-dipped, sprinkled heart cookies are divine!

Let me know if you make it for a Valentine’s Day celebration for your sweethearts! And, if you’re looking for a more elevated, adult version of a Valentine’s Day dessert or snack board, be sure to see this post by my friend Kristen.

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day treat to share with friends (for Galentine’s, perhaps?) or a yummy Valentine’s Day gift to surprise your children after school — then this is the snack board for you!

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