Get Our Free Easter Book List + Activity Download!

Easter is such a fun time to create, play, and connect with your children — whether it’s spending extra time in the sunshine or making fun little crafts at home. Weaving the story of Easter into your activities makes this time even more special, and today we’re sharing a list of our favorite Easter books and a FREE Easter Activity Guide with you so your family can do just that!


Filled with books to read that the entire family will love (a mix of classic literature and Bible stories) and plenty of activities and crafts, our Easter Activity Guide will keep you busy and your little ones entertained. The best part? All of these activities can be done using items you likely already have on hand at home. No need to rush to the store to purchase any special materials!

At the heart of the activities is intentional time spent with your children — mixing in education, creativity, and of course fun along the way! From cooking to arts and crafts, fine motor skills, outing ideas, sensory play, and more, we promise that you’ll have plenty to keep you and your little ones busy leading up to the Easter holiday. These ideas are great for caregivers, too. So many of these activities can be woven into teaching your children about the story of Easter, too — the miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and what that means for us today.

Do don’t delay… Download our Easter Activity Guide now! And be sure to tag us @DoSayGive on Instagram as you read the books (most of which can be found at your local library) and complete the activities!