How to Host Your Own Coronation Party!

Coronation Party Ideas

The royal countdown is on! Only a little over a week until England crowns a new monarch — something most of us have not witnessed in our lifetime — and Anglophiles the world ’round are prepared to celebrate. But how to throw a party, big or small, that’s worthy of such pomp and circumstance? Today we’re sharing ideas, recipes, and tips to host your very own coronation party in honor of King Charles III on May 6th. An event that’s been in the making since 1952, when Charles became Heir Apparent after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned!

Decoration for Coronation Party

Create a Celebration Worthy of a King

From bunting to napkins to cute little flags you can wave around (or place in centerpieces!), we found the very best decorations to help make your coronation party especially festive! Many of these items can be found on Amazon and ship quickly, too! It’s said that Queen Consort Camilla’s favorite flowers are hyacinths, which would be a lovely touch to display throughout your home. Or you could honor Queen Elizabeth II and add a vase of lilies of the valley to any table — or any corgi-related items you can find! 

And don’t miss the Official Coronation Memorabilia page with so many collectible items! Be sure to order soon — these would be perfect gifts for any royal-loving friends or history buffs in your life!

English Tea for Coronation Party

Enjoy a Proper Cup of Tea

What better time to dust off your tea set than this?! Grab a box of your favorite tea from your grocery store (either English Breakfast or the King’s personal favorite, Darjeeling), some proper English teatime treats (Trader Joe’s has a great selection), and perhaps sport a hat or gloves! If you have younger children, be sure to include them in the fun: Place their play tea set on the table and add a few of their favorite cookies or crackers to your spread, then have them practice their very best and most proper manners. And because no royal tea party is complete without royalty present, princess dresses and knight costumes are a must!

Shop our tea time favorites below! 

Host Your Very Own Big Lunch

The Coronation Big Lunch brings people together to celebrate the coronation and the reign of a new monarch — where people serve traditional dishes and perhaps a few royal favorites. This Coronation Quiche was popular last year after the Queen Consort served it to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, and we imagine it will be served at many a Big Lunch this year. This is a perfect alternative to an early morning tea (the coronation begins at 5am CST)! Many times, these celebrations are held outdoors to allow as many people from the community to stop by. So you’ll find a few outdoor favorites below to help you host your very own Big Lunch this year!

Children's Books about London England

Make it a (Royal) Family Affair

Let your children celebrate right along with you! This is such a wonderful time for them to see history in the making, and an opportunity to teach them important lessons in history. In fact, the monarchy has an official website with so many free, child-friendly ideas — from coloring pages to word searches, to recipes. Be sure you give it a visit HERE ahead of coronation day. Below are a few favorite finds from around the web for children, too. We especially love this Coronation Bingo printable we found on Etsy. How fun!

Scones at Coronation Party

Serve Up Some Monarchy Fun Facts

The British monarchy has fascinated the world for centuries, serving as inspiration for endless books, movies, TV series, and art over time. But there is still plenty we don’t know! For instance, did you know that kings and queens of England have two birthdays? Or that Queen Elizabeth II worked as a military mechanic in World War II? Did you know that it’s rumored that King Charles II doesn’t squeeze his own toothpaste? A quick search online will pull up so many intriguing facts about the monarchs and royal family, and would make for such a fun trivia game! This cute Etsy download includes decor for your party as well as fact cards you can place on the table. 

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