Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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Running out of good Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Our expert gifters here at Gift Something Hong Kong has got just the perfect guide for you.

Gift vs. Flowers: why you should consider sending gifts instead of flowers this year

There are a variety of reasons why we should send gifts rather than floral arrangements this year.

  • Due to the pandemic Covid-19, there has been limited flights all over the world. Unless you’re prepared to limit yourself to certain local produce offered, fresh flowers can be super expensive to buy. 
  • While flowers are beautiful and may make her smile, there is only so much you can do with them. Gifts are more versatile, and practical or personal gifts are bound to create a more lasting impression on your girl’s mind.

Getting a Valentine’s Day gift last minute? Want to surprise the girl you love? We offer a wide range of amazing products that are sure to impress. From glasses for your drinks and candles to light in the evening to romantic kits you can play around with and explore together, we’ve got all the items you need to make your Valentine’s Day ultra special.

We understand the importance of finding the right gift for the occasion. Feel free to contact our customer service hotline for any gifting advice and adjustments or customisation made to our products; our staff are more than happy to help you with your queries. For your utmost convenience, we also offer quick, free delivery (to metropolitan areas in Hong Kong) right to her door.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

1. LITTLE ADORABLE FLORAL GIFT SET FOR VALENTINES DAY (HK$1188.00): If you’ve got a girlfriend who loves enjoying different fragrant, this is the perfect gift set for her. Date nights in are the best, and there’s nothing better than to relax with diffuser and gemstone oil. This little adorable floral gift set has got everything a girl wants.

2. CASTELBEL PORTUS CALE NOBLE RED CANDLE (HK$448.00): Valentine’s Day is all about relaxing and having an intimate time with your partner. Create a sensual romantic atmosphere in the room with this clever gift. Fragrances with sweet peony, cedar and rose scents, this hand poured aromatic candle can create a relaxing ambience in the room. It is the ideal romantic gift for a special Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or celebrating each other’s birthdays at home. The beautiful package and design makes it an aesthetically pleasing gift to give. Even if it is not for any special romantic day, this candle is a thoughtful gift to remind your lover to relax.

3. LADY IN PINK (HK$569.00): Preparing for a sensual evening will be a breeze with this vintage, exquisitely-designed romance gift box. This gorgeous box has got just the things you need to ensure that your Valentine’s Day date goes nice and smooth. It is also guaranteed to put you both in the right mood. Inside this romantic Valentine’s Day gift set, you will find SopranoLabs body oil and Godiva chocolates.