Non-floral Gifts that You Should Buy for Your Girl this Valentine’s Day

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January 27th, 2022

February 14th is more than a day celebrated with flowers. In commemoration of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, St. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate the sweet romantic love between you and your partner.

While red roses are undoubtedly a romantic, universally-known, traditional gift to give your significant other on this special day, there are many more thoughtful gifts you can wow her with and make the day extra memorable.

Things that are popular to gift as Valentine’s Day gifts for girls

Unlike party gifts, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all gift for girls. Different gifts will appeal to different girls, depending on what their hobbies are. Find out what kind of gifts to look for your girl with our quick and easy guide.

The romantic girl: A sensual, romantic gift will sweep her off her feet. She may like you planning out the date and surprising her with a sweet gift.

The fun girl: Fun and adventurous, this girl will appreciate something that brings an element of creativity and laughter into the date. Gifts that support that are the best.

The practical girl: Buying something she can make use of in her daily life is the best choice.

The outdoor girl: Any gift she can use when she is on the go will be the ultimate gift for her.

The indoor girl: A gift that can make her feel warm and comfortable is indeed the best gift for a homebody.

Unique and thoughtful non-floral gifts to buy for your girl this Valentine’s Day

Pair one of these gifts with a beautiful Valentine’s Day card containing a heartfelt message to make her smile.

1. KISSES AND HUGS FLORAL GIFT SET FOR VALENTINES DAY (Price: HK$888.00): This adorable gift box will be the most desirable choice to send your messages to dear ones, it will be the a cute Valentine’s day gift any modern romantic.

2. BLOOMING HEART FLORAL GIFT SET FOR VALENTINES DAY (Price: HK$599.00): Know that your girl is under some pressure at work? Or perhaps she is dealing with some legitimate life problems? As well as offering your support, you can also help her relieve any stress or tension with this unique gift set. The clever combination of bath foam, green tea and honey acts as an antioxidant helps to purify the air in her surroundings, leaving her feeling calmer and more relaxed.

3. LOVE JOURNAL FLORAL SOAP GIFT SET FOR VALENTINES DAY (Price: HK$980.00): Celebrate Valentine’s Day by indulging in a romantic evening with your lady, using this vintage, exquisitely-designed floral soap gift set. This beautiful box contains just the things you need to ensure that your Valentine’s Day date goes nice and smooth as planned, and is guaranteed to get you both in the right mood.