Our Favorite Classic Board Books!

classic board books

One of our go-to gifts for children of all ages is a classic book, and we’ve heard from so many moms that it can be overwhelming when faced with all of the options at a book store or library. Where do you start, and how do you know you’re choosing the “right” one? If you’ve been a DoSayGive reader for a while, then you know how much we love classic literature — especially for young children. The rich language, beautiful illustrations, and meaningful storylines found in classic books are often lacking in newer children’s books (although we certainly love new books, too!). So today we wanted to share some of our favorite classic books, broken down by author and genre, in hopes that you find something to add to your own home library. And as we said, these classic board books make fantastic gifts! Especially for second or third babies when parents often have all of the baby gear they need. 

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One of our very favorites! We recommend Lois Lenski’s books in all of our children’s literature roundups, and her stories are timeless and always a favorite at bedtime (or anytime, really!). She wrote and illustrated almost 100 books including The Little Train, Cowboy Small, The Little Airplane, and so many more. These books are great to read seasonally and give as gifts!


Virginia Lee Burton was an American illustrator and children’s book author who wrote some of the most beloved classic tales, including The Little House for which she won the Caldecott Medal. Her books are filled with beautiful illustrations, stories featuring heroes and happy endings, and a lovely dose of nostalgia. Here are a few favorites!


You likely have at least one of Margaret Wise Brown’s books on your bookshelf already — Goodnight Moon or The Runaway Bunny, perhaps. Her stories are a mainstay in nurseries and are childhood favorites, featuring darling characters and the rich repetition that make story time so much fun.


Alison Jay’s beautiful illustrations fill up the pages of books like ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book, Picture This…, and Out of the Blue. These books are perfect for babies and toddlers to learn to identify colors, letters, and shapes! 


Who doesn’t love Eric Carle’s books?! The stories of a caterpillar with quite the appetite and a brown bear are synonymous with childhood, and Carle’s beautiful illustrations are vivid and so colorful that they captivate even the youngest of babies. No nursery is complete without these!


For second or third babies, or even thoughtful christening or baptism gifts, we wanted to share some of our favorite faith-based board books. These would make such sentimental gifts! 


Don’t miss any of these, either! From interactive books to stories you may have even read when you were a child, these are some of our favorites! 

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