Poop: A Coloring book (For a Bold Sense of Humor)


Did you love the book? Leave a review!Imagine a beautiful and glorious world in which poop, coloring books and repeat patterns come together… Oh wait, that world already exists and you can be in it… but only if you order this book! It’s a calming way to relax and enjoy some stress relief or a funny gift book for a friend. The poo-ssibilities are endless.FAQ:Q: Why does each design show up in the book twice?A: Great question, friends. Each design is printed twice so that:1. You get a second chance at coloring each poo. No need to worry about mess-ups or feeling like you have to get it right the first time. (There’s always a #2.) 2. You don’t have to fight with your romantic partner about who gets to color which turd–you can each have your very own chance at each one. 3. You can keep a design for you (and put it proudly on your fridge) and share the same design with a friend.4. You can have a “who colored it best?” contest.The possibilities are endless :)Q: Do I have to color all the turds in shades of brown?A: Nope. Use your imagination :)Each turd comes on its own page so you can tear it out and give it to a friend, display it on the fridge in your own home. If you fold along the dotted lines you can even create a little envelope and mail your beautiful design to the poop enthusiast of your choice.Hooray!follow along on facebook @POOP Coloring Book & CAT BUTTS Coloring Bookhttps://www.facebook.com/PoopColoringBook/ Psssst! Check out “Animal Poop: A Coloring Book” — the latest in the Poop Coloring Book Series!!