Super Gift Ideas for the Spontaneous Sagittarius

Sagittarians value independence and are natural risk takers. They thrive on spontaneity and are always down for adventure. Born between November 23 and December 21, natives of this fire sign are all about energy, action and motivation. Spark their sense of adventure with these fun-loving gifts from our Sagittarius Gift Guide.

Elf-Picked Gifts for Sagittarius

self care for sagittarius

Self-Care for Sagittarius | Amazon

Key Trait: Optimistic

Staying in one place or in one routine for too long without a break can certainly burnout a Sagittarius. So, to offset the mundane daily life, indulge them in a few moments of self care to help them focus on their internal optimism.

bucket list book of adventures

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small | Amazon

Key Trait: Adventurous

With their sites set on adventure, this unique travel guide will be the perfect guide for any Sagittarian’s must-do list — from museums & cultural experiences to sports & adventure travel.

astrology journal

Sagittarius Astrology Journal | Etsy

Key Trait: Intelligent

The witty, sarcastic and quick on their feet Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac universe. Give them the perfect outlet to record the daily life experiences they enjoy the most!

blush travel bag gift

Travel Makeup Bag | Amazon

Key Trait: Travel Lover

The open-minded nature of a Sagittarian contributes to their love of travel and adventure (ie. their bags are always packed for the next adventure!) Convenient and easy-to-carry, this travel bag is great for overnight or a long journey.

black onyx bracelet

Tiger’s Eye Sagittarius Bracelet | Amazon

Key Trait: StrongElement: Fire

Sagittarians are both physically strong and mentally optimistic. Because the black onyx stone is a powerful protection stone, this bracelet will help to eliminate negative energy and fight stress, fatigue and turbidity.

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