The Sweetest Back to School Themed Books!

Back to school themed books

We love books here at DoSayGive and today we’ve gathered some sweet back to school themed books. Whether you want to gift a book for a milestone year or use a good story to alleviate first day jitters, we have a great roundup for you below!

Some of these are classics but some are newer publications that were recommended by DoSayGive readers. If you give a book as a gift be sure to write an inscription with the year! 

The book pictured above is called The Hundred Dresses, a book for ages 6+ that brings up important topics like friendship, bullying and inclusivity. The story of Wanda Petronksi is one you and your children will never forget, particularly with its moving illustrations by Louis Slobodkin. My friend, Barrett, told me years ago that she reads this to her children at the start of every year. I thought that was a great idea! We’ve read this book several times and it provides great conversation starters. 

Here are some more, with some for the younger ones as well! Look for them at your local library or if you have Amazon Prime, you can get these in a day or two!

Happy Reading!

And please share your favorite back to school themed books below!

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