Your Complete Guide to the 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

Hooray! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is right around the corner! Access starts as early as July 6 and we’re going through every single item — and we mean every.single.item! — to find the very best items for DoSayGive readers, all separated by category. Scroll down for all the details in our annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale guide! 

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*What You Need to Know About The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!*

What’s the big deal about the sale? 

The Anniversary Sale is unique because during the sale Nordstrom marks down NEW merchandise for fall and winter up to 40% off. All of the prices go back up at the end of the sale. Longtime shoppers of the sale will buy clothing, sneakers, bras, coats for the whole family, baby gear, beauty tools and, yes, even Christmas gifts. DoSayGive readers tend to steer away from the trendy things and to more of the staples they are going to buy anyway – but this way they get ON SALE!

When is the sale?  

Public Access is July 15 – 31. Nordstrom cardholders get early access. See below for details! 

When can I shop? 

June 29: Sale Preview Available. Everyone can preview!

July 6: Early Access for Icon Cardholder Status 

July 7: Early Access for Ambassadors Cardholder Status

July 9: Early Access for Influencer Cardholder Status 

July 15: Sale opens to the public!

July 31: Sale ends

If you want to shop the sale early, you can become a cardholder here

How do I know what level I am?

Log in to your “Nordy Club” account (what they call cardholders) on a desktop or phone. Click on “Account” (or the three lines on mobile) then “Nordy Club” and you can see your level. You can also download the Nordstrom app and log in there. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog

What time can I shop?

Depending on your access level, you can start shopping online at 12:01 am ET the first day you are eligible to shop. Check your local store for store hours. 

What else do I need to know?

Shop early in the sale for the best selection. Popular items often sell out quickly. Items are rarely restocked and I doubt they will be this year with supply chain issues affecting so many industries. 

What are the best things to get in the sale? 

As always we do the leg work to find the best items on sale so you don’t have to spend a lot of time browsing the thousands of items. Sign up to get our Nordstrom sale posts here

See last year’s list of what to shop first here

nordstrom anniversary sale

Stay tuned for another post with our top picks once the sale preview is live! In the meantime browse past sale posts here

Photos: Audrie Dollins

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