A Sweet Back to School Tradition: School Bus Cake!

If you’ve been following DoSayGive on Instagram since the beginning, you’ve likely seen my annual post with our school bus cake. I’ve been doing this since my oldest went to kindergarten — every year, the night before the first day of school, I make a school bus cake for us to share. It’s something that […]

Meaningful Traditions For Easter Week

From Easter brunches to sunrise services at church, egg hunts, and everything in between, there’s something so special about family traditions leading up to Easter. I’ve gathered some activity ideas for making the week of Easter rich in meaning but simple in effort. Maybe one or two of them will inspire and become traditions for […]

The Tradition of Collecting Lettuce Ware (And Where to Find It!)

There are some home items that are timeless heirlooms passed down from generation to generation: China, silver, Christmas dishes and decor. If you (or your mother or grandmother) have an interest in beautiful table settings, then you’re likely aware of the timeless trend of lettuce ware. My grandmother, aunt and mom always collected and displayed […]