10 Ways to Support Military Families During Deployment

With so many patriotic holidays during the summertime, members of the military and their families have been at the top of my mind. Their selflessness and service is something that we all acknowledge, but oftentimes it isn’t as loudly lauded as it ought to be — the way they serve, defend, and protect our country, […]

American Flag Etiquette You May Not Know

Today, June 14, is Flag Day in the United States — commemorating the day in 1777 that the U.S. adopted the flag by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. President Woodrow Wilson officially established the day as National Flag Day in 1916, and ever since Americans have celebrated the Stars and Stripes by displaying flags […]

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Your High School Graduation Etiquette Questions Answered!

It’s graduation season, and that means graduation announcements, invitations, parties, and more. We’ve heard from so many DoSayGive readers asking what is the proper etiquette for various high school graduation scenariosBut not to worry: We have answers for all your graduation etiquette questions!  GRADUATION INVITATION ETIQUETTE First, it’s important to know your school and community’s […]

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10 Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Husband

I’m a romantic at heart. So I love it when my husband surprises me with a fun night out or leaves a thoughtful note for me before a business trip. But romance goes both ways, so today’s post is for the ladies! This may be the perfect little push to come up with ideas for […]

4 Tips for Gracious Airplane Etiquette (That Everyone Should Know!)

We’re in the midst of the busy travel season, and I’ve seen countless articles bemoaning the fact that many people, it seems, have forgotten how to behave in airports and on airplanes. Granted, travel hasn’t been what it used to be these past two years. But having respect for other travelers, flight attendants, TSA agents, […]

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Meaningful Traditions For Easter Week

From Easter brunches to sunrise services at church, egg hunts, and everything in between, there’s something so special about family traditions leading up to Easter. I’ve gathered some activity ideas for making the week of Easter rich in meaning but simple in effort. Maybe one or two of them will inspire and become traditions for […]