10 Ways to Get in Quality Time with Teens

Teens and tweens are so busy these days, with social calendars, homework and extracurricular commitments. And as parents it can be hard to find ways to connect with them as they grow older and become more independent. But it’s so important that we do! Even though our influence is not as constant it was when […]

Homecoming Etiquette: 10 Things to Discuss with Your Teen Before Homecoming

If you have a high schooler, then you’re likely well aware that it’s homecoming season — and it’s likely a big topic of conversation in your household! Homecoming is such a fun time for teens and is a chance for them to make lifelong memories. It’s often the first “real” dance they attend, where they […]

Party & Cotillion Dresses for Girls!

Cotillion is often a rite of passage, especially in the South, spanning generations. It’s a coming-of-age of sorts — typically consisting of cotillion classes where children ages 10-14 learn social skills as well as traditional dances like waltzes. As cotillion season approaches, we wanted to round up party and cotillion dresses and shoes for girls […]

Prepping for Camp: Tips for Drop-Off & During Camp Week

Our summer camp series is back with our last installment — read the first post all about Tips for Sending Children to Camp here — where we chat with Carter Breazale, camp director for Alpine Camp for Boys in Alabama. Carter’s family founded Alpine Camp for Boys more than 50 years ago, and she grew […]

The Best Swimsuit Brands for Tween Girls!

Bright colors. Cute patterns. And pool-party-ready accessories. All of the adorable swimwear for tweens has us so excited for all kinds of summer fun! We know that tween girls can be hard to shop for — they’ve outgrown little girl sizes but aren’t quite ready for teen styles. To make your life easier, we’re sharing […]

Prepping for Camp: Tips for Sending Children to Camp

We’re so excited to kick off a two-part series that’s all about summer camp — and we think no matter the age of your children, and whether or not they’ve been to camp before, that you’ll find it helpful and encouraging! We spoke with Carter Breazeale, camp director for Alpine Camp for Boys in Alabama, […]

Tasteful Tween Girl Clothing Brands (Spring Edit)

We’ve heard from so many moms that our round-ups of spring clothes for boys and girls made shopping for a new season so easy, so we put together a similar round-up of cute, casual clothes for tween girls. We know that this age can be hard to shop for — especially since many tween girls […]