5 Important Life Skills to Teach Teens this Summer

There are plenty of skills teens need to know before leaving the nest. We talk a lot about manners and social skills in A Young Man’s Guide to Manners, our online course for tween and teen boys, and Etiquette Essentials for girls, but there are many other important skills to teach so they’re prepared for […]

7 Ways to Teach Patriotism to Children

As we approach Independence Day and make plans to watch fireworks, attend parades, and celebrate with friends and family, I thought it would a good time to touch on ways to teach American history and patriotism at home to our children — young ones and older children alike. It’s wonderful when they’re able to learn […]

12 Items on Amazon that Spark a Child’s Imagination

Children don’t need much to create fantastical, magical worlds — a bed sheet can create a tent in a far-off jungle, a stick from the backyard can help ward off pirates, and a few pillows can become a bridge. As we get into the dog days of summer, I’ve been thinking about the things in […]

Classic TV Shows & Movies to Watch As a Family

Do you ever scroll through Netflix looking for something for your children to watch that’s not just completely mindless or sassy nonsense? In the spirit of summer and because I’ve gotten lots of questions about appropriate movies and TV shows for children, I’ve done some research and pulled together a list of classic TV and […]

Age Appropriate Chores for Children

With all the extra time at home on these long summer days, there’s no time like the present to start introducing your children to chores! Most children (especially older ones) will likely argue when we say that chores are actually a good thing, but hear us out — not only does it give mom and […]

Road Trip Activity Ideas!

  Summer and road trips go hand in hand, and if you have children you know you need ALL the snacks and activities to keep them entertained during long car rides (and even airplane trips). It might take a bit more planning before you hit the road, but having a few new toys or games […]

10 Tips for Traveling with Children this Summer!

You’ve picked your destination, you’ve booked your flights, you’ve booked your hotel, and you’ve planned your summer vacation to a T. If you’re a parent, you know that the planning doesn’t stop there because traveling with children requires a lot more than hopping on a plane and arriving at your destination without a care in […]

Listen to Lee on the Don’t Mom Alone Podcast!

There are some people who are so gifted at what they do, whose calling is so evident, that you can just tell they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be within minutes of meeting them. I can’t think of anyone who personifies that more than Heather MacFadyen! You’ve likely listened to her endless wisdom on her […]

Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

No matter where your summer travels may take you, there’s a level of planning and preparation that goes into making sure you make the most out of your vacation. It goes beyond packing — it’s airport transportation, passports, travel gear, reservations, event tickets, and so much more. Add children into the mix, and it’s a […]

10 Ways to Encourage Good Sibling Relationships

As a parent, you get somewhat used to hearing some of the age-old family stereotypes when it comes to siblings — brothers will fight, sisters will bicker, and so on and so on. But, what if that was the exception and not the everyday norm? As parents we can help encourage good sibling relationships by […]

Summer Camp Favorites!

Our Summer Camp Favorites Guide is here! While each camp may have their own unique packing lists, there’s a handful of items that are helpful at any camp. If your son or daughter is going to summer camp this year, be sure to browse our tried and true camp favorites as well as some fun […]

10 Ways to Get in Quality Time with Teens

Teens and tweens are so busy these days, with social calendars, homework and extracurricular commitments. And as parents it can be hard to find ways to connect with them as they grow older and become more independent. But it’s so important that we do! Even though our influence is not as constant it was when […]

Classic Children’s Books for Fall

I like to display seasonal children’s books in my den and throughout my house throughout the year — I find that it makes picking up a book and reading with my children easier and more natural. So today I’ve pulled together my favorite classic children’s picture books about fall. If you go to go a […]

Casual & Classic Boys Clothes for Fall

I’ve heard from so many of you that boys can be hard to shop for, especially when they just want to wear comfy outfits, so I am excited to share our classic boy clothes roundup for fall! Today we are sharing classic pieces that are comfortable, easy to mix and match, and transition well into […]

Cute Girls Play Clothes for Fall!

Every season, our children’s play clothes round-up is one of the most loved series on DoSayGive. So back by popular request, I’ve searched my favorite children’s retailers to find cute, comfortable girls play clothes for fall! From school to play dates and running around on the weekends, my favorite finds are perfect for for everyday. […]

A Sweet Back to School Tradition: School Bus Cake!

If you’ve been following DoSayGive on Instagram since the beginning, you’ve likely seen my annual post with our school bus cake. I’ve been doing this since my oldest went to kindergarten — every year, the night before the first day of school, I make a school bus cake for us to share. It’s something that […]

DoSayGive’s Back to School Favorites!

Backpacks, lunch boxes, first day essentials and more — today I am sharing our tried and true favorites when it comes to school season along with a few tips I’ve learned along the way. Be sure to scroll through the whole list! And be sure to download our back to school checklist for parents here.  […]