10 Leo Zodiac Gifts Purr-fect for the Loveable Lion

It’s Leo szn – ready or not, hear them roaaaar! Always the life of the party and celebrating their summer birthdays July 23 – August 22, Loveable Leo is ready to take center stage!

Born with a heart of gold and ruled by the sun, Leo’s boldness shines in both friendships and romance with their enthusiasm, natural warmth and loyalty. Check out the perfect Leo zodiac gifts that are as bright and sunny as the fiery planet that rules them!

Ruled by the Sun

Fire Sign = Passionate & High-Energy

Fixed Sign = Stabilizers of the Zodiac

Lucky Colors: Gold, Sunshine Yellow, Orange

10 Leo Zodiac Gifts For The Loveable Lion

Key Trait: Natural Leader

As a natural-born leader of the pack, Leo loves to stand out in the crowd! Here’s the perfect eye palette and lip gloss to set them apart: The Big Leo Energy Palette features regal eye shades to complete their look, including A Star is Born, Centerstage, Warm-Hearted and Charisma, topped off with high-shine Living Legend Lux Lip Gloss.

Head of the pack makeup palette for Leo zodiac gift

‘Leave it to Leo’ lip & eye palette | Colourpop, $16

Key Trait: Humorous & Entertaining

Leo’s agenda: make people laugh! They love the attention that their sense of humor brings them and these funny astrological pencils really get right to the point of Leo’s humor. 

Funny character trait pencils for Leo zodiac gift

Funny Astrological Leo Pencils | Etsy, $8

Key Trait: Cheerful

Leos love to bring cheer & sparkle wherever they go, so chances are, they’d love to pack it up in this dazzling disco tote that speaks to their passion for playful dance beats.

Leo Disco Ball tote bag | Society6, $21

Key Trait: Heart of Gold

Leos have some of the biggest hearts in the zodiac, always going ALL IN on kindness. Show them you appreciate their unending devotion with motivational wall art, cause kindness always matters!

Kindness Matters motivational wall art for Leo zodiac gifts

Kindness Matters wall art | Etsy, $32

Key Trait: Life of the Party

Never to be upstaged, Leo is the life of every party – aka the loudest in the karaoke crowd. They’ll love this cute & portable bluetooth karaoke mic to take the show on the road.

bluetooth karaoke microphone for Leo zodiac gift

Bluetooth Karaoke mic | Amazon, $31

Key Trait: Theatrical

Leos are like the “Theater Majors” of the zodiac and may consider themselves the ultimate movie geek. Here is their party game moment – for a cinephile-centric night with friends!

Cinephile card game for movie loving Leo zodiac gift

Cinephile card game | Uncommon Goods, $20

Key Trait: Generous

Leos are incredibly generous with their hearts, their praise, their affection, their time and their attention, and it makes them genuinely happy. Leo always deserves a little time for self-care and wellness, making this the purr-fect book for the loveable lion in your life!

Self care book for Leo zodiac

Self Care for Leos book | Amazon, $8.14

Key Trait: Courageous & Strong

Because Leos are brave… The empowering words “Courage, dear heart” captured on this unique silver necklace are a nostalgic nod to a Chronicles of Narnia quote, as Aslan the Lion spoke these words of empowerment in the classic novel The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. Bring back memories of the strong lion?

Courage Dear Heart necklace from classic novel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

‘Courage, Dear Heart’ quote necklace | Etsy, $20

Key Trait: Creative & Artistic

Level up Leo’s cocktail game with infused ice cubes with an artsy twist. Creative cocktails – like a refreshing watermelon margarita – are perfect for summer sipping!

Creative cocktail infused ice cubes for Leo zodiac gift

Cocktail infusions (Watermelon Margarita) | Amazon, $15.57

Key Trait: Passionate

As a fire sign, Leos have BIG passion. An inspirational self-help journal will help them to express their emotions and dreams in their own creative space.

Inspirational journal for Leo zodiac gift

Leo Inspirational Journal | Etsy, $22

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