4 Ways To Make National Siblings Day Fun For Kids

4 Ways To Make National Siblings Day Fun For Kids

Help your kids celebrate National Siblings Day with some fun activities. Here are four easy ways to make this day extra special for your kids.

The bond we share with our siblings is like nothing else. They’re often our very first friends and confidants, and most of us stay close to our brothers and sisters throughout our lives. You know you can always count on your siblings to be there when you need them. Through thick and thin, they will always be your closest family.

Celebrate National Siblings Day on April 10

April 10 is National Siblings Day, a day to celebrate the bonds with your siblings. You can surprise them with a small gift or fun lunch date, or simply give them a call to reconnect.

If you have children of your own, help them celebrate this day with fun activities. Here are four fun and easy National Siblings Day activities that will make the day memorable for you and your kids.

1. Commemorate the day with special photos

Let them remember this special day by taking lots and lots of photos. Whether your kids get along famously or fight every 10 minutes, they will love to have photos taken together. Unique and personalized outfits will make the shots that much cuter.

national siblings day activities with Big Sister, Little Sister Shirtsnational siblings day activities with Big Sister, Little Sister Shirts

If your kids are best buddies, consider these adorable “Big sister, little sister” tops (or “Big brother, baby brother” shirts) they can wear proudly to show off their big kid status.

You can take them to the park, the zoo, or somewhere else that will make for a beautiful background for photos. Have them pose for shots if they like, or simply snap candid photos while they play and explore.

2. Spend the day playing siblings games

There are tons of siblings games that help brothers and sisters bond while competing and cooperating. Most of these don’t require a lot of planning or setup, and you can easily do them at home. Make the game time sweeter by offering kids a surprise, such as their favorite treat, after they’re done playing.

Siblings Day Activities with brothers playing togetherSiblings Day Activities with brothers playing together

Some favorites include the lava game (where kids pretend the floor is lava), the freeze game (when you stop the music, the kids can’t move), and a good, old scavenger hunt. You can also have them build a fort, or play house or hide and seek.

3. Have them create something together

Whether it’s a hand-painted drawing, a macaroni noodle masterpiece, or letting them go crazy with sidewalk chalk art, let your kids collaborate on something that’s special. If you can, save the work of art so that they can see it for themselves one day when they’re older. If you can’t save it, take a photo of it with them.

Siblings Day Activities with coloring with chalkSiblings Day Activities with coloring with chalk

There are tons of creative arts and crafts projects for siblings, with hand and foot prints being two of the most popular. If you want to keep things indoors, try one of these 10 easy painting project for siblings to do together.

4. Help them surprise each other

Start by explaining to your kids what National Siblings Day is about and what having a sibling means. Then encourage them to surprise their siblings in a special way of their choosing. If they can’t think of one, suggest that they draw a picture or make a card for their brother or sister, or ask them if they’ll share a toy or play their sibling’s favorite game with them.

Siblings Day Activities with two sisters huggingSiblings Day Activities with two sisters hugging

You’ll be surprised at how well your kids will know what their siblings would like to get. Maybe it’s a special meal or simply watching their favorite movie or show together.