5 Festive Finds for Hosting Your Friendsgiving Feast

Friendsgiving tshirts in fall colors

Thanksgiving Day at home with the old folks may sometimes turn into a snooze fest (thanks a lot, turkey), so be thankful there’s a new holiday in town: Friendsgiving, an energy-infused occasion featuring all the holiday’s classic dishes and even better, your best buds. Take your new tradition to the next level and create a Friendsgiving gift exchange for your party to share how thankful you are for the friendships you are celebrating.

Festive Finds for Your Feast

When it comes to your Friendsgiving celebration, there aren’t really strict hosting guidelines. So here are some of our favorite festive finds and elf-approved ideas to help you throw a low-stress get-together focused on celebrating your amazing friendships.

Friendsgiving Party Game

Break the ice around the holiday table by keeping the conversation (and the cocktails) flowing with these cute themed coaster cards, featuring all things Turkey Day.

Elf Pro Tip: If you’re heading off to a friend’s house for the festivities, this makes a great host/hostess gift!

The Friendsgiving Handbook

If prepping the perfect turkey is your hosting responsibility, this handbook has your back!

Elf Pro Tip: Make your workload a little lighter by creating and sharing a spreadsheet so friends can write down what they’re bringing too.

Gratitude Party Plates

Set the mood of gratitude. Though they look like fine china, these chip resistant appetizer or dessert plates will add positive thoughts and heartwarming sentiment to your table.

Elf Pro Tip: Big on style, not on space, these dish sets are made for stacking to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Use them for years to come!

Customized Friendsgiving Wine Glasses

Here’s a short but memorable Irish toast to celebrate friendship. Be careful, it may bring a tear to everyone’s eyes.

“Here’s to good friends,

Never above you,

Never below you,

Always beside you.”

Elf Pro Tip: Not only is a to-go wine glass a great little party gift, your friends can take them home after dinner — saving you dish-duty time in the kitchen.

Friendsgiving T-shirts

What better way to express gratitude for your special connection than with matching shirts for F·R·I·E·N·D·S.  Be selfie ready with your crew for your unforgettable feast. Say Pumpkin Spice! 

Elf Pro Tip: Order a variety of sizes and colors for all of your guests to send them home with all the fall feels.

Looking for more inspo for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast?

Check out our Thanksgiving Gift Guides to shop for great finds to set the mood of gratitude (and your table!) in style.

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