9 Treats for the Love-A-Bull Taurus

Headstrong and practical, Trusty Taurus is a reliable earth sign. And it’s no secret that they have very good taste and an eye for detail. Celebrating their birthdays between April 20 and May 20, Taureans are known for being some of the best gift givers in the zodiac. Time to gift back! We found the perfect gifts that speak to their key traits and are truly worthy of this strong sign in our Taurus Gift Guide.

9 Gifts for Love-A-Bull Taurus

Fiddle leaf fig houseplant gift for Taurus from The Sill

Fiddle Leaf Fig | The Sill, $46

Key Trait: Earthy

Power Color: Green

As an earth sign, Taureans are all about growing things, so they’ll really dig a nature-inspired gift. Born with a green thumb, your Taurus friend probably already has an impressive collection of green babies, but this fiddle leaf fig will add drama to their space.

Olivia Burton floral watch with leather strap for Taurus gift

Olivia Burton Sunlight Florals Leather Strap Watch | Nordstrom, $120

Key Trait: Dependable

Taurus is historically dependable and they hate being late, so a time-keeping accessory is perfect for them! Indulge them with this vintage-inspired watch that combines practicality and beauty with intricate hand illustrations, charming nature references and dreamy color palettes.

Silver keychain inscribed with saying Nevertheless She Persisted

Nevertheless She Persisted Keychain | Etsy, $10

Key Trait: Headstrong

No doubt about it, Taureans have strong opinions (read: stubborn). They think things through carefully and always stand by their conclusions. Once they make up their mind, there is no changing it and this small-but-mighty keychain is a daily reminder that quitting is not an option!

Peace Vase in mint green Jungalow gift

Peace Vase by Justina Blakeney | Jungalow, $79

Key Trait: Peaceful

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is the planet of love, beauty, art, peace and harmony. Not only does Taurus love to keep the peace, they appreciate the earthy aesthetic of flowers in their home, making this modern vase a stand-out gift.

Makeup pouch with definition of best friend for Taurus gift

BFF Makeup Pouch | Amazon, $12.99

Key Trait: Loyal

For the friend you can always rely on, a thoughtful and meaningful gift that shows you know and care about them will mean the most to your favorite bull. A Taurus is one of the most loyal besties you could ask for and they’ll love this sentimental reminder of your “one in a million” friendship.

Wine infused dessert sauce jars

Wine-Infused Dessert Sauce | Uncommon Goods, $17

Key Trait: Sensual

As earth signs, Taureans focus on things they can touch, taste and smell. Think “sensual” as in “relating to the senses.” With food-critic-worthy taste buds, they appreciate gifts that perk the senses and this unique wine-infused dessert sauce will definitely indulge!

Taurus the bull artwork on tote bag

Taurus Tote Bag by Asja Boros | Society6, $25.50

Key Trait: Practical

Who says practicality can’t be pretty? This sturdy tote makes a perfect gift for your practical pal! Ideal for a trip to the market or a day at the beach, this uniquely-designed Taurus Tote will surround them in stylish beauty and show them you truly ‘get’ their personality.

Taurus zodiac crystal set

Shoppe Geo Zodiac Mini Stone Pack | Free People, $12

Key Trait: Love Unconditionally

A Taurus loves to love and be loved. This zodiac mini stone pack includes Clear Quartz – the master healer and energy transmitter, which amplifies energy of all other stones. In addition, the pack features Rose Quartz, which stimulates the true life force of unconditional love within and heals emotional wounds because it encourages receptivity to art, music, beauty and imagination.

Taste Test trivia card game for Taurus gift

Taste Test Foodie After Dinner Trivia Game | Uncommon Goods, $22

Key Trait: Great Taste

As the foodies of the zodiac, Taureans naturally love a good dinner party! They prefer top-notch food and top-shelf drinks. Perfect for an intimate gathering, this culinary trivia game designed for fans of food and factoids is sure to be a hit with Taurus and their fave dining companions!

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