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One question we get quite often is what to get for a loved one who is sick, recovering from an illness, or is in the hospital. We have written many posts over the years — What to Bring Someone in the Hospital, What to Do for a Friend with Cancer, and When Your Child Has a Hospital Visit. We wanted to make it easy on loved ones who are looking for ways to brighten an otherwise dark time for anyone who is sick or who has recently had surgery. So today we’re thrilled to announce our Get Well Gift Guide! Because everyone needs cheering up when they’re not well, and few things do that more than a thoughtful gift and visit from a friend. 

From flowers and thoughtful gift boxes (like the beautiful on one above from Old Whaling Co)  to sweet treats and cozy blankets, our guide makes it easy to be thoughtful.

One very special gift on the guide is from Quiltlove. This meaningful quilt makes a wonderful group gift because everyone can purchase and design their own square of the patchwork quilt. Quiltlove then makes the quilt and sends to the recipient listing the names of all the participants. 

get well gift idea

Not only is it affordable but it will become a treasured gift by the recipient. If you have a friend or friend’s child going through cancer treatment this might be a thoughtful idea from a class or friend group!

Our Gift Guide has quick ship gift ideas for children, including Bumbly Bear that is the softest bear on Amazon! He comes in three sizes and would sure bring comfort to a child who recently had surgery or a broken bone. 

gift idea to send to child after surgery

Food is always a good idea when it comes to gifts so we have lots of food gift options on our Guide as well. Southern Baked Pie makes it so effortless to send delicious food that only needs to be put in the oven before serving!

southern baked pies get well gift

Browse and shop our Gift Guide now, and be sure to bookmark it for easy reference! There are items for adults and children alike — from cozy blankets, stuffed animals, and pajamas that are wonderful for hospital stays, to delicious meals and treats you can send to someone at home. 

And if you’ve ever received a gift you loved from someone in a season of sickness, please let us know! We’re always adding to our gift guides. 

Browse the Get Well Gift Guide now!

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