Aquarius Gifts with Vibes As Unique As They Are

Aquarius zodiac print
Emanuela Carratoni Zodiac Series Aquarius Art Print | Urban Outfitters

Known as the “water bearer,” those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are big dreamers, adventurers and great listeners, but they also demonstrate artistic ability and enjoy humanitarian work.

Born between January 20 and February 18, your favorite Aquarian is likely a perfect balance of fierce independence and easygoing open-mindedness. Our Aquarius Gift Guide features thoughtful gifts with vibes uniquely related to them.

Elf-Picked Aquarius Gifts

nature meditation card deck

Nature Meditations Deck | Mindfulness | Uncommon Goods

Key Trait: Independent

Aquarians value their independence above almost everything else. This beautiful meditation deck will show them 60 simple ways to reconnect with Mother Nature—and themself. Inspired by the natural world they cherish, this gift will offer moments of peace featuring Nature Meditations, Walking Thoughts, Messages From the Earth and Strengthening Affirmations.

Allbirds wool runners

Women’s Wool Runners | Allbirds

Key Trait: Forward-Thinking

An Aquarian always puts their best foot forward and is never afraid to think outside the box. These cozy wool runners will speak to their signature uniqueness and are perfect for long walks on cool winter days. Plus, Allbirds’ Brazilian sugarcane midsole is made with the world’s first carbon negative green EVA.

Aquarius eccentric artwork

Zodiac Series Aquarius Art Print | Urban Outfitters

Key Trait: Eccentric

Sometimes known as “the weirdo” of the zodiac (affectionately, of course), an eccentric art piece is sure to win over your Aquarius. Celebrate the age of Aquarius with this cosmic art print by eclectic artist Emanuela Carratoni, featuring astrology-themed iconography.

Navy Blue Yeti mug for Aquarius gift

Rambler 20 oz. Travel Mug | YETI

Key Trait: Humanitarian

Lucky Color: Blue

Aquas are focused on the “greater good.” Since they are determined to make a powerful difference in the world, especially when it comes to social and environmental causes, gift them something from a brand that supports a good cause, like eliminating single-use plastics. And as the water-bearers of the zodiac, this eco-friendly gift is perf.

Creative Thinking Journal

Creative Thinking Journal | Uncommon Goods

Key Trait: Creative Thinker

Aquarians are so creative that they often have no boundaries. A guided journal filled with exercises designed to expand their mind will help them tap into that inner genius. More than 50 challenges offer inspo to write poetry, art-making ideas, mind-stretching ways of seeing the world and more.

Funny eco-friendly vegetable bags

Funny Food Plastic-Free Produce Bags | Uncommon Goods

Key Trait: Compassionate

Compassionate and always focused on supporting the greater good, people born under this sign care about everyone and everything. They want the world and the planet to be a better place for all of us. Help them ditch the plastic pollution with these punny eco-friendly 100% cotton shopping bags.

Go Lightly travel guide

Go Lightly – Travel Without Hurting the Planet | Uncommon Goods

Key Trait: Free Spirited

An Aquarian is free-spirited and has a deep sense of adventure. This guide to mindful travel will show them how to explore our planet without causing it further harm. Plus, they’ll appreciate learning some interesting new facts to book their next trip.

Photography challenge idea cards

Photography Idea Cards | Amazon

Key Trait: Artistic

Aquarians are very artsy people. This 72-card deck includes unique photographic challenges, each with a hashtag, allowing them to shoot & share on social media and see what others did for the same photo mission.

Mandala cork yoga mat

Mandala Cork Yoga Mat | Uncommon Goods

Key Trait: Chill

Known for being pretty chill and laid back, Aquarians don’t tend to sweat the small stuff, but could always find some time to unwind. Help them improve their practice and the environment with this natural cork and rubber yoga mat.

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