Best Birthday Gifts for Capricorn

Best Birthday Gifts for Capricorn

Capricorns are often more than they appear. Though mainly defined by being hardworking overachievers, they also tend to play just as hard as they work, according to New York City-based astrologist and bestselling author Lisa Stardust.

And by understanding the different facets of a Capricorn’s personality, you can pick out the perfect gift for them when their birthday rolls around.

What to know about Capricorns

Capricorns (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) are cardinal signs, which means they kick off a new season — in this case, winter.

“Capricorn season is marked by hard work, discipline, and getting things done,” Stardust says.

Capricorns are also considered earth signs, although they are symbolized by the sea goat. This stems from a Greek myth that says the god Pan was transformed into a half-goat, half-fish. This unique combination implies that Capricorns can be practical as well as creative.

birthday gifts for capricorn with businesswoman looking confident

“Think of them as the watery part of Earth,” Stardust says. “They’re very intuitive, they’re very sentimental, and they’re very reflective. They like to look back on things, decisions they’ve made, even if they can’t change the outcomes.”

Often considered trendsetters and leaders, Capricorns are incredibly capable and industrious.

“Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, which means they’re at their best when they’re following the rules,” Stardust said. This makes sense, since Saturn represents responsibility, structure, and hard work — all things a Capricorn values.

Know this, though: Capricorns don’t mince words. If a Capricorn doesn’t like your gift, they might let you know, straight out. So make sure you get them something that fits their multilayered personality.

Best birthday gifts for Capricorns

The perfect gift for a Capricorn, Stardust says, is one that balances their go-getter attitude with something that helps them relax.

“Capricorns need to decompress — even if they don’t want to,” she said. “Getting them a massage, bubble bath, or something scented — whatever helps them relax — is always a good option for a Capricorn.”

birthday gifts for capricorn with woman taking bath and drinking wine

Stardust says Capricorns like to unwind, so a fine wine or tasty beer is always a good go-to. But, she warns, Capricorns have lofty standards.

“Capricorns are going to want the high-end, bougie stuff,” she said, “That has to do with their hardworking nature. Often, Capricorns will think, ‘I work hard, so I deserve the best.’”

Go-to birthday gifts for Capricorns

Now, let’s get specific. Here are some winning ideas for the perfect birthday present for the Capricorn in your life.

Something that grows

Despite their focus on water, Capricorns are inclined to surround themselves with plants and greenery.

birthday gifts for capricorn with woman caring for hanging plant

The zodiac flower for Capricorns is the pansy. Pansies bloom in the cold months and can survive freezing conditions — which is appropriate for Capricorns, as they sometimes get a little too invested in their work and neglect other parts of their life. In other words, a flower that holds up when times get tough is the perfect pick.

Getting a plant for a Capricorn can be tricky, as the type you choose should be dictated by which side of your Capricorn’s personality is more dominant. You can either opt for a plant that is durable and tolerant of some neglect — remember, Capricorns are high-performing individuals — or one that is more delicate and needs a lot of attention, since Capricorns do not like to fail at anything.

“A lot of Capricorns I know love long hanging plants with lots of vines,” she said. “They love that green, earthy stuff that helps ground them.”

Something fancy to eat

While a Capricorn could be one of those “eat to survive” types, Stardust says, if you offer them a high-quality snack or gourmet treat, they’re going to have a hard time turning you down.

“They are particular about the food they eat, so pick something like a cheese and fruit platecharcuterie board, or decadent dessert like chocolate covered strawberries,” she recommends.

Something to help them relax

Stardust says that it is imperative for Capricorns to decompress, even when they think they don’t have to. “Capricorns are the achievers of the zodiac,” Stardust says, “but sometimes they need help balancing their hard-work tendencies.”

Gifting the Capricorn in your life something to help them relax — healing stones, a calming body wash, a fuzzy robe — is a great present.

Birthday gift ideas for Capricorns

Something to keep them working hard

On the other side of the coin, getting a Capricorn something to help them stay organized, such as planners, calendars, and journals, is also a good idea. Any of these gifts will show them that you know the kind of person they are and gave careful consideration to what to get them.

Something indulgent to drink

Capricorns love the opportunity to enjoy a beverage but only if it’s top shelf.

“Really nice coffeesreally nice wines — they love the luxurious stuff,” Stardust says. “They like the best of the best because they work hard and deserve the best.”