Cancer Zodiac Gifts for the Caring Crab

Caring Cancer – symbolized by the crab – is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. A water sign ruled by the moon, Cancerian energy is emotional, comforting and flowing with sentimental energy.

Celebrating their summer birthdays June 21 – July 22, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Check out our list of the perfect Cancer zodiac gifts that not only speak to the crab’s key traits, but will make your moonchild glow from the inside out.

Ruled by the Moon

Water Sign = Emotional & Sentimental

Cardinal Sign = Driven & Determined

Lucky Colors: White, Silver

Cancer Zodiac Gifts for the Caring Crab

Key Trait: Empathetic

Gift: Shoppe Geo Zodiac Mini Stone Collection

Cancers are deeply sensitive, caring and imaginative beings. If you need someone to relate to your problems, Cancer is your sign! They have much empathy for others, seeking love and harmony in life. This mini stone collection includes Lepidolite, which has a refreshing and sentimental energy that encourages honesty and calmness.

Cancer zodiac gift mini stone pack

Shoppe Geo Zodiac Mini Stone Collection | Free People, $12

Key Trait: Homebody

Gift: Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Feeling at home is very important for Cancerians, as is having time for rest and reflection. Just like crabs, which carry their homes on their backs, Cancers love cozy spaces and pay special attention to the place where they live. This book walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there.

Homebody book by Joanna Gaines for the homey Cancer zodiac

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave | Amazon, $21

Key Trait: Sentimental

Gift: Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame with Wifi

We all long to be in touch with our loved ones, especially sentimental Cancer. Make it easy to share memories – with Nixplay you can send photos and video clips directly to your family’s living rooms – wherever they are. Plus, family-focused software allows you to create fun playlists to which everyone can contribute to celebrate and relive weddings, graduations, birthdays and family holidays.

Nixplay digital picture frame to share photos with family for Cancer zodiac gift

Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame with Wifi | Amazon, $179

Key Trait: Sensitive

Gift: Cancer Zodiac Inspiration Journal

Cancers tend to have a lot of emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Treat them to a journal that will serve as a sanctuary to let their dreams and imagination roam free.

Cancer zodiac self-care journal

Cancer Zodiac Inspiration Journal | Etsy, $19

Key Trait: Loyal

Gift: Long Distance Friendship Lamp

As the best listeners in the zodiac, loyal Cancers are the keepers of your deepest secrets. And no doubt, you’ll be besties for life. And even if you’re separated by the miles, light up their lives with these in-sync lamps. Touch yours, and theirs emits the same glow to send a little “thinking of you.”

Long distance friendship lamp to connect loyal friends

Long Distance Friendship Lamp | Uncommon Goods, $125 (1) or $250 (2)

Key Trait: Kind-Hearted & Caring

Gift: Beach House Dinners

Cancerians are born nurturers. It’s in their blood to take care of the people they love and we all know the best way is with a home-cooked meal. Take shelter in the water sign’s warm embrace. As the mothers of the zodiac, Cancer will make you feel right at home with their nurturing presence and this gift may inspire a summer soiree!

Beach House Dinners for year-round entertaining

Beach House Dinners: Simple, Summer-Inspired Meals for Entertaining Year-Round | Amazon, $19

Key Trait: Intuitive

Gift: Moonology Oracle Cards

Cancers are not only ruled by the Moon, but are known for being highly intuitive. Help them get in tune with the magical energies of the Moon to unlock guidance, achieve their goals and manifest positive change in their life with this beautiful set of oracle cards.

Moonology Oracle Cards for Cancer zodiac gift

Moonology Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook | Amazon, $16

Key Trait: Highly Imaginative & Creative

Gift: The FairyTale Files Interactive Murder Mystery Game

Water signs have artistic souls. Emotional and creative, they rely on both their heart and gut to make a decision. They’ll love to gather friends to play this highly immersive and creative game: two classic fairy tales get a murderous twist—and it’s up to you to find the killers.

Unique FairyTale Files interactive game for creative Cancer zodiac gift

The FairyTale Files Interactive Murder Mystery Game | Uncommon Goods, $44

Key Trait: Tenacious

Gift: Don’t Quit T-Shirt

Strong, sensitive and always resilient, Cancer will never give up on who and what they love! A boost of inspo will help to make all of their dreams come true!

Don't Quit t-shirt for tenacious Cancer zodiac gift

Don’t Quit T-Shirt | Etsy, $12

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