Introducing: Our Tween and Teen Boys Manners Course!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our tween and teen boys manners course! A Young Man’s Guide to Manners is an online course that covers what it means to be an honorable young man in today’s world — what it means to live with integrity, honor, and respect while navigating school, social situations, jobs, and more. We cover all the manners basics young men need to know as well as topics many parents don’t think to cover. Especially when it comes to technology, dances and formals, sportsmanship, and even gaming. Our course is only available for a limited time!

A Young Man’s Guide to Manners meets tween and teen boys where they are in a way that’s engaging, easy, and FUN. We worked with a talented team to create this 100% online course to ensure that we tackle as much as we can in the most succinct, approachable way possible. Our course can be watched all at once or broken up into bite-sized sections — and all in all, is about an hour long. 

You might be wondering what this course is all about, or whether it’s similar to cotillion (spoiler: it’s not). We wanted to take the time to really think through what it means to be an honorable man in today’s world and discuss topics that are relevant to teens’ lives and the way they live them. Yes, we cover traditional manners you want your son to know — opening doors, pulling out chairs, the art of conversation, and table manners. But we also talk about treating girls with respect and why that’s so important. We emphasize the importance of protecting your online reputation from a young age and how to do that along with cell phone and gaming etiquette and safety. We talk about anger and ways to manage that on the field, in the classroom, and at home. 

We created A Young Man’s Guide to Manners after listening to our readers who voiced that they wanted another positive voice to encourage honor and respect in everyday interactions. There is truly nothing like this out there! Lee worked with a team of experts to develop the content,  and we hired engaging and fun talent to teach the content to make sure boys learn what they need to know (and actually enjoy watching). 

Registration is only open for a limited time — and ends February 28th. So be sure to sign up today so you don’t miss out! And please share this unique teen boys manners course with your grandsons, nephews, friends and more!

To get on the wait list for our girls manners course, click here!