Star Wars Gifts That Are Out of This World

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A long time ago, in a North Pole far, far away, a bunch of elves decided to fly X-Wings instead of their typical sleighs. For it was May the 4th, you see, and all Santa’s Helpers held the day with such glee — because they were huge Star Wars fans, just like you and me!

Now, with May the 4th coming so soon, Elfster wants everyone to receive gifts that’ll send them to the moon (all three of them!)

Elf-Picked Gifts from our Star Wars Gift Guide

So whether you’re a kind-hearted Jedi, mastering the force, or an aspiring Sith Lord whose intentions are…well…a lot worse — here are some Star Wars gifts for your wishlist, which is where they belong, so much so, that they’ll have everyone singing the Ewok victory song!

Gift: Lightsaber Chopsticks

An elegant utensil for a more enlightened age. That, or just a really fun way to glow-up meal time with these miniature light-up, easy-to-clean, battery-power lightsabers. They’ll be the perfect present to bust out during a laid back lunch at the Cantina.

Light saber chopsticks Star Wars gift

Lightsaber Chopsticks | Amazon, $10.97

Gift: POP Funko Deluxe Star Wars: The Child with Canister

This is the Way…to fill out your collection of Star Wars figurines. This Baby Yoga POP Funko is as collectible as it is adorable. With just about every character in the Star Wars universe already in Funko form, you won’t want the cutest one missing from your wishlist (sorry, Rancors!).  

The Child with canister Funko Pop Star Wars gift

The Child with Canister | Amazon, $17.17

Gift: Adult-Sized Darth Vader Cooking Apron

Your lack of faith might be disturbing, but your cooking skills are A-OK. So, why not show your dinner guests and barbecue buddies who’s really in charge of the Empire at your next gathering. This 100% cotton, totally adjustable apron is a must-have for the Mr. or Mrs. Sith Lord in your life. 

Darth Vader Star Wars adult-sized apron

Darth Vader Cooking Apron | Amazon, $12.95

Gift: UbiKORT Millennium Falcon 3D Night Lamp

Have sweet dreams of making the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs with this totally cool lamp for Star Wars fans of any age. Unlike the real ship, this Falcon wont overheat, making it safe to leave on all-night-long, and doesn’t need Chewie for any emergency maintenance. It can toggle between multiple color modes and has an LED bulb lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon 3D Night Lamp

Millennium Falcon 3D Night Lamp | Amazon, $17.99

Gift: Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Channel your inner Mandolorian by taking care of The Child yourself! This terra cotta planter Baby Yoda floating in a bassinet is a charming addition to the home or garden. Fortunately, this little guy doesn’t need to be fed any frogs — just plenty of H20. Best of all, this Chia Pet can be washed and replanted indefinitely, meaning it can last a ripe Yoda life-span of 900 years if you want it to!

Star Wars The Child chia pet

Baby Yoda Chia Pet | Amazon, $24.99

Gift: Crocs Star Wars Character Pack

Be the coolest person or alien in the universe by decorating your Crocs with iconic Star Wars characters. From Chewie to a Storm Trooper, an Ewok to everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, these stick-on charms are a perfect way to show your fandom no matter which system you’re on.

Star Wars character set of Crocs jibbitz

Star Wars Character Jibbitz Pack | Crocs, $19.99

Gift: Star Wars How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills by Christian Blauvelt

Looking for a deeper dive into Star Wars? Christian Blauvelt’s hilariously entertaining book will give you all the tips you need to traverse a galaxy far, far away without being eaten, blasted, taken prisoner by Jabba the Hutt, or dismantled and sold for parts by Jawas, or any of the other pitfalls known to befall space travelers. Full of illustrations and inside nods that fans will love, this book is a can’t-miss for die-hard Star Wars lovers.

How Not to Get Eaten By Ewoks book for Star Wars gift

How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills | Amazon, $11.85

Gift: The Elfster Star Wars Gift Guide

Elfster's Star Wars gift guide

Not seeing something you’d want to add to your wishlist? No problem! We’ve listed even more of the most popular presents in our Star Wars Gift Guide. And May the 4th be with you!

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