What to Say When Someone is Grieving

Sympathy flowers on windowsill with a candle

Sometimes when we look at everything that’s happening in the world, it can be easier to withdraw from hard things. But it’s so important to not turn away from friends and loved ones in times of grief.  We are to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. Today we are sharing some phrases to say to someone who is grieving — either in person, a handwritten card, or in a text when the time is appropriate.

Of course nothing can take away the searing pain of loss, but not saying anything at all can sometimes be more painful. So we hope this phrases will give you words to say when the time is right. (Remember, sometimes friends just need us to sit with them in their grief and not say anything at all!) So be sure to tuck these away or save this post for when you need the right words to say to someone who needs them and don’t forget our list of what to say in a sympathy card

Things to Say When Someone is Grieving

“I’m praying for you.”

When words fail us, knowing that someone is consistently praying can bring so much comfort.

“I’m here for you.”

Letting someone know that you’ll be there is invaluable. Be sure to back this up with action and continually check in.

“I’m weeping alongside you.”

A shoulder to cry on and with — letting someone know they aren’t alone in their grief is one of the biggest gifts we can give.

“I am going to drop off a meal for you on Sunday.”

Sometimes with the grief feels overwhelming, little acts of service go such a long way. Simply drop food off on their porch if they aren’t ready for visitors. Read our post on Meal Train Etiquette here.

“Let me come sit with you.”

Another person’s physical presence brings such comfort, especially if they’re grieving the loss of a loved one with whom they lived.

“I remember this about your loved one.”

Share a special memory, one that will bring a smile to their face. These are cherished by friends and family members.

“I am thinking of your family right now.”

A simple, heartfelt statement that’s perfect for acquaintances, teachers, or neighbors.

“He/She will be deeply missed.”

Knowing others will miss a loved one can bring such comfort to others. 

“God loves you.”

Such an important reminder — that God is always near to the brokenhearted and is always a source of comfort. The ultimate source. Some of my favorite scriptures for difficult times are Psalm 34:18, Joshua 1:9, and Psalm 91.

If you or someone you love is experiencing loss, please know that you do not walk this road alone. We were made to live in community with one another and carry each other’s burdens — and what a gift to be able to do that for someone we know and love. I hope these phrases are helpful to you if you find yourself walking the ever-changing path of grief with a loved one. Know that your presence is such a gift and comfort to them.