A BIG Summer Sale On Our Teen Girls’ Etiquette Course!

Looking for a meaningful way to fill those long summer days? Our Teen Girls’ Etiquette course is just the thing! Our on-demand online course is the perfect thing to do ahead of the new school year. Not only do we cover traditional manners and etiquette, but we go into what teen and tween girls need in today’s world — ways to build confidence, how to gracefully navigate social situations and social media, how to be a good friend, and so much more. Our Teen Girls’ Etiquette course is the ultimate confidence booster!

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The course is designed for girls ages 11-17 and includes two hours of content, plus encouraging downloads and printables they can use for years to come. If you’ve been teaching things like table manners since your daughter was little, then this will be a fabulous boost! But beyond table manners, our hope is that we encourage girls to be lovely and gracious in all they do — which is what DoSayGive is all about.

Girls are faced with so many different obstacles today — ones that we as parents can’t even fully comprehend at times (hello, social media!) — and our goal is to help girls learn to navigate them with ease and confidence. With so many unknowns for the last two years during the pandemic, girls’ confidence levels have been at an all-time low. Our course seeks to combat that, if even to simply remind girls that they are on the right track by taking the road less traveled, choosing kindness, and seeking ways to include and love others. 

Sign up for our Teen Girls’ Etiquette course today! Your daughter or granddaughter can watch all in one sitting or break up over a few days right from a mobile device or computer. Consider doing alongside your daughter or ask a friend to watch with her. We assure you that our content has so many (needed)  conversation starters between mothers and daughters and ideas for bonding together this summer! 

Read more about what to expect from our course here, and sign up today!